Moon Nude
By David St. John

Anticipation is the soft cross
Upon which we hope to bare
Ourselves as we are borne
(“love”) into frenzy rapture resignation…read more

Woman Watching
By Molly Bendall

What is pleasing to her
                      is the allure of possibilities

And if she could say
                      “the river is chartreuse” or “it’s the yellow
                      of rhododendron”…read more

By Carol Muske

It is a portrait of a mother and daughter,
The mother in a blue bathrobe, standing
behind her little girl, hands on her shoulders…read more

Valli-In Memoriam
By Carol Muske

As she died, she became more beautiful.
That afternoon I saw her, near the end
of summer- she looked re-made, a pure echo
of herself, a voice thrown back from a great…read more

The Aurora of Past Regards
By David St. John

As if memory were the night sky
For weeks I had been living in the auroras
Of past regards
Walking each evening through the expressionistic
Negatives of what had been the album….read more