Dorothy Braudy Resume

B.F.A., University of Kentucky (Art).
M.F.A., New York University (Art Education).
A.B.D., Teacher’s College, Columbia University (Art Education).
Studied painting at the Art Students League 1964-68 with Marshall Glasier, Morris Kantor, and Theodore Stamos.
Studied privately with Richard Pousette-Dart and Rudolf Baranik.
Studied printmaking 1972-77 with Anthony Harrison at Columbia and William Maxwell at Teachers College.
Assistant Professor of Visual Arts, Goucher College, 1978-83; Instructor, 1977-78. Instructor of Art, Towson State University, 1977.
Assistant Professor of Art Education, School of Arts and Design, Pratt Institute, 1976-78; Instructor, 1972-76.
Art teacher, various private and public schools in the New York/New Jersey area, 1964-72.
2010: “Marking Time” Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts
2007: “Double Feature,” Hamilton Galleries, Santa Monica, California
2005: “Marking Time,” Hamilton Galleries, Santa Monica, California
2000: “Finishing the Hat,” Ellen Kim Murphy Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica
1994: “Animal Rites,” Fisher gallery, University of Southern California, Los Angeles (LAX/94 city-wide biennial show)
1991: 871 Fine Arts Gallery, San Francisco.
Private View, Los Angeles.
1988: Orlando Gallery, Sherman Oaks, California.
1986: Orlando Gallery, Sherman Oaks, California.
UPB Gallery, Berkeley, California.
1985: Clark County Community College, Las Vegas, Nevada.
1984: Easton Academy of the Arts, Easton, Maryland.
UPB Gallery, Berkeley, California.
1982: Mason County Museum, Maysville, Kentucky.
Kraushaar Gallery, Goucher College, Baltimore.
1981: B.R.Kornblatt Gallery, Washington, D.C.
1979: B.R.Kornblatt Gallery, Baltimore.
1978: Hogan & Hartson, Washington, D.C. (prints and drawings).
Viridian Gallery, New York.
1977: Viridian Gallery, New York.
1976: Columbia University, Graduate School Gallery.
1975: Second Story Spring Street Society, Soho, New York.
2015: “3 Generations” Home Studios, New York, New York.
2011: “Looking In” Hamilton Galleries, Santa Monica, California.
2007: BAU Institute, Hudson, New York.
2005: Art at the Castle, BAU Institute, Otranto, Italy
2004: Summer Show, BAU Institute, Otranto, Italy
1996: Contemporary American Artists, U.S. Embassy, Vienna, Austria
1992: 871 Fine Arts gallery, San Francisco
1991: 871 Fine Arts gallery, San Francisco
New Acquisitions Show, Rutgers University Art Museum
1989: 871 Fine Arts Gallery, San Francisco
Distinguished Faculty Invitational Show, Towson State University.
1986: UPB Gallery, Berkeley.
1985: Orlando Gallery, Sherman Oaks
Personae: California Figurative Art, Cal State, LA
1984: Goucher College Centennial Show.
1982: Watercolor Show, Goucher College.
1981: Maryland Arts Council, “Intimate Interiors,” Goucher College.
1979: Baltimore Arts Festival, Maryland Institute of Science.
1977: Faculty Show, Pratt Institute Gallery.
Baltimore Museum of Art, Sales and Rental Gallery.
1975: Pratt-Phoenix Gallery, New York.
Women’s Interart Center, New York.
Manhattan Community College, New York.
Pratt Institute Gallery.
Teachers College, Columbia University.
1974: Off-Broadway Gallery, New York.
Jacques Baruch Gallery, Chicago.
Nyack Art Gallery, Nyack, New York.
Richard Ide Memorial Lecture Room, University of Southern California Jane Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey.
Federal Reserve Bank, Richmond, Virginia.
Museum Center, Maysville, Kentucky.
Art in the Embassies program, Vienna, Austria
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